A Disease Controlled by Diet

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A Disease Controlled by Diet
Is alcoholism a disease? There’s much confusion. Pull up a barstool beside any alcoholic drinker and ask whether he thinks he has a disease. He will tell you no, even though he may be quick to admit he’s “an alcoholic.” But ask any recovering alcoholic in A.A. He’ll tell you he has a disease and he’ll tell you he has this disease whether or not he’s drinking.
Each of them is partly right. Alcoholic drinking starts a disease process. This process progresses when you’re drinking. It stops when you stop drinking. And when you stop drinking, you can heal much of the damage from the disease if you change your diet.
Alcoholism fits the definition of disease. Like other diseases, alcoholism impairs your health by damaging your cells. Like other diseases, it interrupts your body’s vital functions, causing specific symptoms. And like other diseases such as cancer, if it’s allowed to continue long enough, it’ll kill you. But as a disease, it has an ironic twist. The agent causing the disease acts like a medicine that cures the symptoms. Alcoholic drinkers actually feel healthier when they’re drinking. Pain and sickness seem to disappear. Unfortunately, the sense of health is artificial. When you drink, you relieve yourself of the symptoms only. Meanwhile, inside your body, a disease process rages.
Drinking wears out your body and actually speeds up the aging process. Your cells live their lives in the fast lane of high blood-sugar and toxic invaders, grabbing a few thrills, but choking on the poisons. You get physically sick more often. Or you feel some slight sickness which lingers and is hard to pinpoint.
When cells don’t get sufficient nutrients, or if the cells are harmed too often by toxins in the blood, they stop performing important functions. After a while, whole groups of cells begin giving out, and organs begin to…...

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